All-round publishing services

With over 20 years’ publishing experience, I apply sound editorial practice to get the best
from your project, whether that is concentrating on:AdobeStock_151226565.jpg

Editing: from the overall structure to line by line;

Writing: from feature articles and creative nonfiction to newsletters and fiction;

Layout/Design: from one-off specialist books to exhibition displays;

Project Management: from conception to printed publication.

Having worked across numerous genres and topics throughout my career, I am able to adapt to the project I am working on, rather than specialising in just one field. Recent projects have included memoir, fiction novels, business books, travel guides, cookbooks, corporate reports, educational resources, website text and academic essays, to name a few.

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Other services: project/subject research, audio transcription, manuscript assessment, consultancy, creation of style guides and setting editorial direction.

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AdobeStock_23284271.jpgAccredited Editor

I am an Accredited Editor (IP_Ed_Professional_MemberAE), which means that my editing skills and knowledge have been assessed and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). This also means that you can trust me to
provide a high-quality, professional service.


IPEd: You can be confident in giving custody of your words to accredited and distinguished editors.

Some recent projects:


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I can whole-heartedly recommend Claire. She has done an enormous amount of transcription for my project, Behind the Wire. It has often been difficult work, and involving recordings of people who speak English as a second language who can sometimes be difficult to understand. I have found Claire’s transcription to be wholly accurate. She is very thorough and professional, and fast. And also a real pleasure to work with.

Michael Green – journalist

Claire McGregor was the final editor for my first book. I had several editors along the way. This process helped me access the ‘right’ editor for the final manuscript. After much searching across the nation, Claire came via a recommendation. I felt her high levels of professionalism and her empathic enquiry made her the perfect fit for my work. I was not disappointed. Claire was extremely professional. Claire met all of our agreed deadlines and the work she completed was detailed, considered and helped add another level of clarity for readers of the story. At all times Claire was a pleasure to work with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for editing and writing advice and guidance.

Mary Dwyer – memoir author